To carry out studies and conduct scientific computing software, these machines are equipped with:

  • a Fortran 95 compiler with no memory limit (Salford)
  • software and software packages hydrodynamic and mechanical – seakeeping fixed and mobile structures and fluid-structure coupling (Diodorus (3D), Poseidon (2D), etc.)
  • Maritime Hydraulics software (waves, agitation of the water bodies, of currents, pollution outfalls and piling, anchors, piles, etc.) (Poseidon)
  • a fluid mechanics software (Navier-Stokes) (Algor)
  • a mechanical package structures (Algor)
  • a package of heat transfer (Algor)
  • a database management software (Visual dBase)
  • graphic software.

The reports and documents are made through office software:

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and 2013:
    • Word,
    • Excel,
    • Access,
    • Publisher,
    • Power point,
    • OneNote,
    • Outlook;
  • Adobe :
    • Adobe Reader 9, 2009
    • eCopy PDF office – OmniPage 2011.
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