The marine and coastal environment is interested in various capacities, many sectors of academic and industrial activities, civil and military. That is why, Jean Bougis had the opportunity to work for very specialized actors in varied environments.

  • Coastal and river engineering (studies preparatory to civil engineering facilities, water intakes and discharges at sea, pollution, dredging, shoreline protection against waves and erosion, shoreline protection against wave action, etc.);
  • Environmental (impact studies, technical studies, pollution, water projects, fluid mechanics, etc.);
  • Naval and offshore industries (seaworthiness of vessels and structures, changing ships, hydrodynamics and fluid mechanics, etc.);
  • Nuclear, chemical, transportation, food, etc. (fluid mechanics, fluid coupling structures, structural mechanics and heat transfer, and storage tanks, …);
  • Defence and arms industry (navy, army, special equipment, etc.).

These varied activities in terms of industry sectors, technical specificities and purpose allowed to acquire Jean Bougis cross experiments needed to develop the capacity to intervene in new environments without a priori nor bias.

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